About Us

Since 1970, Frigol has been consolidating itself as one of the largest Brazilian meat production and industrialization companies. The company is strategically located in the states of São Paulo, Pará and Goiás. Its logistics structure ensures competitiveness, agility and punctuality, allowing important participation in the national and international market, with presence in more than 60 countries throughout South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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To gain the trust of new audiences and to keep up with their needs, Frigol invests in infrastructure, technology and people.

The group generates approximately 2,000 direct jobs and has doubled its production capacity over the past five years. Nowadays, the company processes about 180,000 tons of cattle and 7,000 tons of pigs per year.

When we talk about results, we are talking about excellence. The concern with offering the best Frigol’s products starts at the farms of our cattlemen partners.

A strict traceability system ensures the sustainable origin and transport of herds in accordance with all animal welfare standards.

With this concern, Frigol achieves the excellence of the farm for the table of consumers, because it acts to create and transform successful habits, making customers recognize the company as the best choice in the market.

 To make this possible, every Frigol’s professional works with dedication and commitment.    

Besides that, Frigol is engaged in the pursuit of new technologies that bring benefits and a better standard of living to its employees.

Our Commitments

Frigol’s Mission

Feed people’s lives around the world with the highest quality products, generating the greatest long term value for our stakeholders.

Frigol’s Vision

Become a global reference in profitability and quality of the animal protein sector, promoting socioeconomic and environmental development in the regions where it operates.

Frigol’s Values

Entrepreneurship, work, transparency, operational effectiveness and value-creating relationship.

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