Frigol contributes to global sustainability challenges

Sustentabilidade Frigol

Frigol’s sustainability

Frigol, one of the largest Brazilian meatpackers, has a constant concern for food safety: from responsible sourcing to the consumer’s table, taking care of every detail to respect and practice sustainable livestock, linking work with respect for the environment and the communities in which it is present. Believing in the importance of its role in creating a sustainable future, Frigol develops several support actions.

Concern for the environment is commensurate with Frigol’s growth and the quality of its products. The company believes that providing superior products goes far beyond what is on the shelf.

The acquisition of animals is made from farms that have social and environmental regularization, that use animal welfare procedures and are adequate to the handling and feeding practices allowed by the Legislation.

The concern with the supply chain is general. Firewood used in the industry is from reforestation and eucalyptus, purchased from Certified producers; water after use is treated to return cleanly to nature, or reused in specific sectors. Awareness lectures and training sessions are held with employees reinforcing the importance of this natural resource; Reverse Logistics, where Frigol collects plastic and cardboard packaging from customers, reducing the environmental impact generated.

The company organizes clean-up efforts for stream banks, one of them in partnership with Primavera Neighborhood, in addition to planting tree seedlings. The company also participates in the Lençóis river basin committee.

The disposal of animal waste is directed to the freezer to generate by-products, which end up becoming raw material for other industries, such as soap and feed. Animal waste becomes manure and is sent to farmers in the municipalities around Lençóis Paulista.

Recyclable waste is separated and segregated and sent to recycling companies. Frigol’s concern goes far beyond environmental legislation. The company takes care, with love and special attention, of all stages of the production chain, aiming to place better foods, produced with less environmental impact, on the Brazilian consumer’s tables and more than 60 countries in all continents.