Frigol uses artificial intelligence to classify cattle carcasses in its refrigeration plants

Frigol S.A. is the first meatpacking industry in Brazil to use artificial intelligence for bovine carcass classification and blockchain technology for complete traceability of cattle slaughtered in its units. This innovation brings Frigol into the 4.0 industry where slaughter monitoring is carried out safely and transparently, providing reliability for farmers and complete information on the origin and characteristics of meat for consumers.

“We are integrating modern technologies with our industrial processes. Everybody wins with these measures. On the one hand, it helps to get cattle suppliers’ loyalty, who can track real-time slaughter with images, reinforcing their confidence in the collected data; on the other hand, it provides consumers with detailed information when evaluating supermarket cuts and enhances transparency for retailers, food service and importers of Frigol’s meats”, says CEO Luciano Pascon.

The technology used by Frigol involves the concepts of machine learning, IoT, big data and data science, with the security of blockchain technology.

The entire process within the meatpacking industry is managed by a platform created by EcoTrace, which uses IoT modules, cameras, sensors, scales and readers installed in different areas of the industry. “These technologies work together to provide total assurance: from weighing to boning,” adds Orlando Negrão, Frigol’s chief operating officer.

Within the industry, beef carcass is evaluated at different times, starting with precision weighing immediately after the beef enters the slaughter line. Barcode readers then photograph the carcasses several times during the process. A computer properly powered by algorithms is responsible for carcass classification.

All of this information is stored in blockchain architecture and is accessible to industry and cattlemen. Cattlemen have at their disposal an application (available for Android and iOS) created by EcoTrace, which enhances the transparency of the process, giving the producer access to all data relating to the industrial process.

“4.0 technology offers many advantages, including guidance for cattlemen for potential welfare, comfort and transport initiatives to the company. The industry also receives data that helps make improvements to its processes. At the end, consumers can also choose their cuts with peace of mind because they have access to complete food traceability, providing transparency, safety and guarantee of origin”, explains Luciano Pascon.

Artificial intelligence is already following the slaughtering of Frigol’s unit in Lençóis Paulista and is being implemented at the company’s other plants in Pará (Água Azul do Norte and São Félix do Xingu) and in Goiás (Cachoeira Alta).