Meet Frigol's Brands

Frigol - Linha Tradicional

Tradicional Line

Selected Frigol quality cuts, fractionated, standardized and vacuum packed. Ideal for everyday meals.

Frigol - Angus

Beef Angus

Cuts from early cattle, unmistakable tenderness and taste. The entire line is certified by the Brazilian Angus Association, ensuring the best finishing of fat, marbling, very high taste, juiciness and tenderness.

Frigol - BBQ Secrets

BBQ Secrets

Selected cuts, with superior marbling and finishing. Ideal line for high standard barbecues

Frigol - Grand Chef Currasco

Grand Chef Barbecue

Selected, Frigol quality cuts, matured, clean and boneless, ready to grill. Ideal for barbecues.

Frigol - Grand Chef Suíno

Grand Chef Pork

Extremely tasty and juicy cuts and sausages, great for complementing barbecues.

Frigol - Grand Chef Temperado

Seasoned Grand Chef

Versatile line of high quality and tender beef and pork cuts that meets the needs of the most demanding consumers. Ideal line for all occasions, as they are already seasoned and ready to grill.

Frigol - Charcutaria

Frigol's Delicatessen

High quality smoked products, handcrafted to Frigol’s high quality standards.


Jerked Beef

The products of this line are produced from boneless cuts of the front and rear bovine, going through long process of salting and dehydration. The special packaging that conserves the product does not require refrigeration, making its storage more practical.