Qualidade Frigol

Quality Assurance

Frigol truly believes in the quality of its products as a major differentiator. Therefore, instead of focusing on large-scale production, the company offers foods with excellent presentation and great taste. Made specially for you, the consumer.

For this, Frigol’s products quality control has a team of qualified professionals, assisted by various self-control programs, ensuring the absolute efficiency of processes and products.

Frigol complies with all established Brazilian and international standards and laws, and carries out an accreditation work of suppliers of raw materials, inputs and services, in which all are subject to inspection and verification to meet Frigol’s quality and standards.

Certificações Frigol

Quality Management System Deployed


Good Manufacturing Practice is a set of standards adopted to ensure the sanitary quality and compliance of the products manufactured with the technical regulations.


The Standard Operating Hygiene Procedures are standards and procedures developed, implemented and monitored that ensure the hygiene of facilities, equipment and utensils before, during and after meat processing.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a tool that identifies and controls chemical, physical and microbiological hazards that could put consumer health at risk (applies to all production lines).


Industrial Maintenance: is the preventive maintenance program for equipment and facilities that aims to prevent production shutdowns due to equipment malfunction.


Humane Slaughter: This is the set of technical and scientific procedures that ensure the welfare of animals from boarding the farm to slaughter in the refrigerating chamber.


Integrated Pest Control: It is the system that incorporates preventive and corrective actions designed to prevent pests from causing problems to the processing lines and the plant as a whole.


Specific risk material: is the program implemented to prevent contamination by materials considered at risk of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) to Frigol food products.


The Sanitary Operating Procedure is the standard for conducting industry operations in all areas of food handling.

Training Program

All Frigol’s employees undergo periodic training to improve their knowledge and performance to ensure the quality of the end products.

Pathogen Reduction Program

Microbiological and physicochemical analyzes are made of all products and production steps.