Responsible Origin

From the origin of the meat to the consumer’s table, Frigol takes care of all the details to respect and practice sustainable livestock. At each stage, all work is based on respect for the environment and the communities in which the company operates.

Boas Praticas
Rastreabilidade de Produtos

Products Traceability

Ensuring the origin of the products is one of Frigol’s pillars to maintain the high quality standard, leading the consumer to know the way from meat to their plate.

This is only possible because the company has in all its productive units, an efficient traceability system, maintaining the flow of information during the stages of the production process, from the receipt of animals to dispatch of product, guaranteeing the origin and quality from the pasture to the consumer’s table.

Moreover, the company ensures compliance with all consumer market health requirements, food safety and guarantees for certification and marketing of products with the Federal Inspection Service (SIF).

Relationship with Cattleman

Frigol maintains a close relationship with its suppliers, with a strict follow-up at the creation stage. From the birth of the animal to its slaughter, everything is done to reduce the impact of production on the environment and the waste of water and inputs.

This relationship allows the company to disseminate among its suppliers the best experiences in raising livestock. Apart from a georeferencing system for total control of the production chain ensuring more food safety.

Good Humanitarian Practices

At Lençóis Paulista unit in São Paulo and Água Azul do Norte unit in Pará, Frigol has a program of good humanitarian practices.

Continuining actions are taken to minimize pre-slaughter animals stress and to ensure high quality of pork and beef. Also as humanitarian practices are driver training for better transportation of animals and the elimination of electric shocks.

Thus, Frigol ensures fresh, soft, tasty and juicy meats for barbecue, grilled and baked preparations.

Sustentabilidade Responsabilidade Social
Programa Amigos da Terra

Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon

Frigol’s work with Friends of the Earth – Brazilian Amazon is perfectly aligned with the sustainable actions and initiatives taken by the company and reflects Frigol’s commitment to environmental conservation, as well as maintaining business relations exclusively with suppliers whose properties are deforestation-free.

Frigol is committed to buying cattle only from farms that have not been deforested, according to Prodes (Deforestation Monitoring Project for Satellite Legal Amazon) of the National Space Research Institute (INPE).

Furthermore, it undertakes to implement the requirements of the Conduct Adjustment Terms (TAC) signed together with the Public Ministry.

The cattle purchase control and deforestation monitoring systems used by Frigol are verified annually by independent audits in accordance with this commitment. Improvement points identified in the audit reports are available to Frigol’s customers.

FRIGOL’s customers can consult the origin of their products on our website.

Proper Disposal

Frigol uses practically all the raw material in its units. Wastes derived from production processes are properly disposed.

In addition, we treat effluents that supply our plants, encouraging and charging our suppliers to use water and resources responsibly.